Finding Glass That Makes A Statement

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Finding Glass That Makes A Statement

Are you looking for a way to make your business exterior look incredible? Although you might be tempted to invest in high-end landscaping or to install a fancy sculpture, you can actually make a big difference by simply replacing your windows. However, there is a trick to choosing functional, attractive panes. Look for glass that makes a statement. Instead of going with boring, clear glass, consider choosing bubbled windows or frosted panes. I started incorporating a little style into my building exterior after I got into business, and it really made a difference. Read here to learn more about different types of glass.

Why Bathtubs Are Worth It

The cost of having a well-maintained bathtub in your home is significant, but in many ways it's worth the installation and maintenance costs. Here are some reasons why this is a valuable addition to a home.

More Options for Each Family Member to Enjoy

Adding a bathtub is great because it gives people more choices. Some people in your family will naturally find that they prefer bathing, while others prefer taking a shower. But each person can't find their niche unless both options are there to choose from.

They Add Value to the Home

A bathtub adds value precisely because so many people are interested in it. When you go to sell your home, a great bathroom setup will be one of the first things your buyers look at. That includes not only the shower enclosures but also whether or not there is a spa tub. Of course, the value you recover from adding a bathtub may or may not be greater than the cost of installation; if this is a primary reason for adding a bathtub, be sure to speak with a real estate agent on whether it's a worthwhile investment.

It's Relaxing

A bath is, in many ways, more relaxing than a shower. You get to take a load off your feet. You are fully submersed in hot water, which can have great effects on stress levels and blood pressure. And if you find yourself spending more time leisurely bathing than you did in your shower, you can take the benefits of stress reduction even further. Bath culture has had these benefits in society for centuries, but you can get some of the benefits right in your own home by adding a bath to your master bathroom.

You Can Still Have a Killer Shower

If you think that having a unique bathtub will take away from your abilities to have a fully functional and admirable shower setup, you're wrong. Especially if you go with a custom glass shower doors design, you will find that there are many possibilities. Your shower designer could have a shower enclosure that fits directly over a uniquely shaped tub. Or, you could have a standalone shower container that is a separate focus point from your bathtub for a more spa-like feel. Either way, a bathtub and shower are both great things to elaborate on when you value the quality of your bathroom experience.

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