Finding Glass That Makes A Statement

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Finding Glass That Makes A Statement

Are you looking for a way to make your business exterior look incredible? Although you might be tempted to invest in high-end landscaping or to install a fancy sculpture, you can actually make a big difference by simply replacing your windows. However, there is a trick to choosing functional, attractive panes. Look for glass that makes a statement. Instead of going with boring, clear glass, consider choosing bubbled windows or frosted panes. I started incorporating a little style into my building exterior after I got into business, and it really made a difference. Read here to learn more about different types of glass.

A Few Myths That Concern Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Having a glass door that leads to your patio can be an excellent aesthetic and practical improvement to your home. Yet, you may be finding it difficult to commit to making this improvement due to incorrect notions about sliding glass patio doors.

Myth: Patio Glass Doors Will Make Your Home Too Hot or Cold

Many homeowners will assume that a large glass door will contribute to problems with keeping the interior of the home comfortable. Often, it is assumed that the glass will contribute to excessive heat gain and loss, which can make the home comfortable during both the winter and summer months.

However, it is possible to choose sliding glass doors that are composed of highly energy efficient materials. In particular, the glass will be designed so that it can be highly resistant to convective heating or cooling. Furthermore, you can add a film to the glass that will limit the ultraviolet rays of light that can make it into the house.

Myth: Glass Patio Doors Are Prone to Shattering

Another frequent concern that can be had about large glass doors is that they will be prone to breaking. This can be an easy to understand concern, but sliding glass patio doors are made of tempered glass. The process that is used to make this glass will make it much stronger than traditional glass, which will make it far less likely to break. While this glass will be far less likely to shatter or completely break, it can still develop chips and cracks. These issues should be promptly repaired as they can weaken the glass.

Myth: It Is Not Possible to Lock Sliding Glass Doors

A key security concern that many people will have about sliding doors is that they will be unable to lock them. While it may seem like these doors will not be as secure, it is possible to lock them from both the inside and outside. This is due to the fact that a traditional lock can be installed on these doors. Considering that the glass these doors use is highly resistant to impacts, a sliding glass patio door will likely be far more secure than many people realize.

If you are currently considering whether or not to install a sliding glass patio door, it is important to be accurately informed about what having this type of door on your home will involve. Knowing that these doors do not have to reduce the energy efficiency of your house, the fact that the glass is not prone to shatter as well as that these doors can accommodate traditional locks will help you with knowing whether installing this type of door will be the right choice for maximizing the enjoyment you get from your home.

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